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PostSubject: Admin Application   Admin Application I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 02, 2009 1:17 am

Name: Simon Krijgsman
Age: 16
Country: The Netherlands
Languages: English, Dutch ofcourse.
Add me: sterkmg
Ingame name: Thazy
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:12063083

Why should I be admin?

I always asked myself that question, why am I looking for admin?, but the fact is, admin is looking for me.
Let me classify why you should have me as an admin:

1.As you see I am not in your clan guys and I am not looking forward to joining it, but somehow admin is looking for me. It is always a pleasure to have a thazy in your admin grid. The thazy is a reliable and trustful person with an even-tempered character. No mood swingings. The thazy is a friendly person with a decent personality, who is always on a good mood and likes to talk or either to solve problems. Soliving problems means, solve them in a friendly and nice and fair way.
2. The problem itself: The thazy is a very intelligent person who goes for both sides. First the thazy looks into the situation, then the thazy analyses the situation and then the thazy is asking the involved people for their opinions. Having heard all comments to the issue, the thazy decides fast, strict and right.
3. The knowledge: The thazy is an experienced player, who looks for justice, which he will JUST find in punishing rule-breakers on the upcoming Eagles server. The thazy has been admin on several servers, knows probably tonnes of console comments and has the great advantage of ignoring idiots. For instance, a thazy won't ban pubescent teens, who came back from school (filled with aggressiveness and tensions), who insult me personally. I call this the gift of ignoring not valued opinions. Going further in this example I have to say, a thazy will ban this pubescent teen if 'it' starts insulting other players (without a reason).
4. Your advantage: Basically you have the advantage of having a great admin in your raster. An admin who does not abuse. An admin who is experienced. An admin who knows the right punishment. Basically, a real admin, you will have.
5. Why did I actually apply for admin: a) There are a lot of players that get insulted (for no reason). b) There are way too many admin abusers, so I want to keep the scale straight and even. c) To keep the game play fit. by balancing the teams or just by slaying players who camp (permanently or too long). d) To ban or kick or mute: Cheaters, spammers, people who use offensive language and so on.
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Admin Application
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